I can't watch the content. Why?

If you are experiencing problems accessing the content, we ask you to please go through the following checklist. If you meet the requirements listed below and you still can’t watch content, please write to contact@fanatiz.com and a member of the team will respond instantly to help you solve it.

These are common reasons why users may not be able to access content:


1. The content you are trying to see is not available in the country you are in:

Remember that the availability varies according to your geographical location, regardless of where you have purchased the service. You can check the content available in your area by clicking here: www.fanatiz.com


2. You are not subscribed to Fanatiz:

To access live content you must have an active subscription to the service. To do this, you must first create your user (by registering), then choose a plan and conclude your subscription by adding your payment information.

For more information on how to subscribe, you can access the following link: How to subscribe. If you are subscribing for the first time, you will have a 7-day free trial without cancellation cost.


3. Your page was not updated:

If you have an active subscription and the content is available where you are, but the game in question is not shown, try refreshing the page or logging out and logging back in. It may be that you entered the platform before the game was uploaded, and the available content was not updated automatically.


4.The event has not yet been uploaded:

Live events are uploaded to Fanatiz 15 minutes before they start. If you entered before that period, make sure you refresh the page or log in again.


5. Content not available:

Check that the content you are trying to access has clearance in the territory where you are. You can find more information about the content available by territory at www.fanatiz.com


6. The channel that carries the league in question has not scheduled the game you want to watch:

Fanatiz carries live events directly and also via channels such as TyC Sports, beIN Sports, Gol TV, RCN Nuestra Tele Internacional, Peru Magico and Golf Channel Latin America. The programming lineup from these channels is out of Fanatiz’ control and may be altered without prior notice. It is ultimately the decision of the Channels to determine which events end up in the grid to be broadcast.


If you are experiencing another type of problem, we ask you to please write to contact@fanatiz.com and we will address your problem immediately. If you meet the geography and subscription requirements, we will make sure you have a way to watch the event while we work on solving your problem.


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  • No sirve para nada fanatiz no puedo entrar. y me cobraron dos veces me siguen cobrando y no tengo acceso a ello.


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