What is a referral code and how do I use it?

A referral code is a unique user code that you can share with your friends to enjoy a month of free service. This means that if you share the code with 12 friends, you can get one year of Fanatiz at no cost.

You can give the code to as many friends as you want, but it can only be used once per person.

Referral codes are given to subscribers after a purchase of service, only if they made the purchase through the Fanatiz website(www.fanatiz.com). Subscribers who purchased a plan through a different medium (iOS, Android or Roku) will not receive a code.

In addition, referral codes can only be used by those who do not have a subscription with Fanatiz. Referral codes cannot be used by current subscribers.


To use your referral code: 

  1. Search for your referral code in the Newsletter or by contacting Fanatiz. 

  2. Give the code to a friend, and have them return to these instructions.


To apply your referral code:

  1. Go to www.fanatiz.com and click on "Start Free Trial" in the upper right corner (if using a mobile device, click on the three bars on the right hand side, and then on "Start Free Trial").

  2. Create an account by entering your information. Once you select the plan you want, click on "Next".

  3. Enter payment information.

  4. In the box labelled  "Promotional Code", enter your referral code.

  5. Read the terms and conditions, and accept if you agree. Click on "Next".

You can check your code in our monthly Newsletter or by contacting us through our different service channels

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