Can I watch the Brazilian League on Fanatiz?

With Fanatiz you will be able to watch the matches of the Brazilian League (Brasileirão), live and in HD if you are outside Brazil in Portuguese and English, subscribing to the Front Row or Brasileirão plan. You will be able to watch:

  • Live matches of the Brasileirão in the first and second divisions. 
  • All broadcasted games are available on a delayed basis (VOD) throughout the season.
  • Content is available globally with the exception of Brazil and the Balkans.

With the Brasileirao plan and Front Row plan, you will be able to watch the matches of the Brasileirao Serie A and B live and in HD on Fanatiz, outside Brazil. This plan is purchased separately from the Basic Plan, both price and availability may change depending on the territory.

Our content is geo-referenced so the signals available vary according to the country where you are. Check out all the content available in your area at:

Remember that you can access the content only if you are subscribed to our platform, if you are not subscribed, find out how to do it at How to subscribe.

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