CONMEBOL Qualifiers on Fanatiz | Frequent questions

We’re sorry for the delay. Due to the high volume of requests, it’s taking us longer than usual to reply. However, we have generated a list of FAQs that can help you answer your questions about the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers. Please read carefully.

The CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers are available as PPV events. These are not included in any plan or subscription. Fanatiz is not responsible for the service’s cost or their availability as PPV events instead of as included content in an existing channel.

  • How can I watch the Conmebol World Cup qualifiers from the United States and Puerto Rico?

The Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers are available in the US and Puerto Rico only as a PPV event. The price of the event is the same among all the service providers.

  • Will all the matches from these rounds be available?

We will have most of them available as PPV events, except for Venezuela vs. Chile (available on beIN SPORTS Xtra at no additional cost) and Paraguay vs. Bolivia (Not available through Fanatiz). We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

  • What’s the cost per Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers match?

The cost is $29.95 USD per match. This will be the same for all the games with all the authorized broadcasters. Also, you can purchase your national team’s bundle for $49.95 USD. These bundles include the matches for rounds 3 and 4 of the same national team.

  • Are you broadcasting the Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers on beIN SPORTS?

beIN Xtra will broadcast only one game: Venezuela vs. Chile. The rest will be available on Fanatiz—and all other authorized broadcasters–through PPV.

  • How can I purchase one or more PPV events?

Visit to purchase any PPV event. If you wish to buy more than one, please complete the first purchase and go back to the link provided above to purchase the other event.

  • Are the Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers included in my regular subscription?

Unfortunately, most Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers games are not included in Fanatiz’s regular plans: Basic Plan, Basic Annual Plan, Brasileirao, Club Italia, or Freemium. Only Venezuela vs. Chile will be available on beIN Xtra. The South American Qualifiers price per match is $29.95 USD, and it’s the same for all authorized broadcasters.

  • Do the PPV events and Bundles have a free trial?

No. ALL PPV products are NOT renewable and have no free trial associated with them. An automatic charge to your credit card will be applied once your purchase is confirmed.

  • Why do I have to pay extra to watch these matches?

We understand that PPV is not the most popular choice, but this is the only option we have to provide you these games and make them available in Fanatiz. We only distribute the content, but we don’t set up the price or availability.

  • Do you have any offers with the purchase of a single Conmebol World Cup Qualifier match?

No. We currently don’t have any offers for the purchase of a single PPV event.

  • Can I watch matchdays 3 and 4 if I previously purchased other PPV events or bundles?

No. Unfortunately, previous purchases do not give you access to these events. PPV events are sold separately and are only valid for the selected event.

  • I already have a subscription to Fanatiz. Why do I get a notification saying that I need to make a purchase when I try to watch a Conmebol World Cup Qualifier match?

Most of the Conmebol World Cup Qualifier games are only available as PPV events. These games are not included in any Fanatiz regular plan. Visit to purchase a PPV event.

  • Can I change the PPV Bundle I purchased after watching the first match?

No, unfortunately, all PPV purchases are final, and you can’t make any changes or get any refunds once the event has started.

  • I’m in the app but I can’t find the PPV event I purchased, why is that?

The Conmebol World Cup Qualifiers games will show in the app listings 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the broadcast. They will also appear in the Featured section for an easy and quick access.

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